Femme Magnifique


SHIRLEY JACKSON, wrote incredible stories filled with anxious fears and powerful ideas during a time when women were entirely expected to mind the husband and children. She pushed against superficial norms and used her words to reconcile the constant contradictions she saw in society and life. 

Femme Magnifique will feature a three-page comic humbly illustrated by me, written by the incomparable MATT WAGNER.

The Kickstarter is fully funded and we reached our first AND second stretch goal, but please consider backing as we are not far from our second stretch goal!!

FemmeMagnifique_Banner-1024x168Spearheaded by legendary comics editor Shelly Bond and Hi-Fi Colour Design founders Kristy Miller and Brian Miller, Femme Magnifique is a graphic novel anthology featuring 30 short stories about trailblazing women scientists, politicians, and artists and more.
Over fifty critically acclaimed and best-selling comic book writers and artists will represent these women to the page, including me, and I cannot be more thrilled to be involved. Not just because I have been paired with an incredible writer I’ve admired since I was a teenage girl reading comics behind a shop register, but the honorable assignment of our thought-provoking literary figure in this collection… (detail reveal coming soon!)
With Rad Women of America and The World to Hidden Figures it is clear women and young girls are moving forward and we continually need our lives and accomplishments understood and shared! Given the chance to offer stories of real substance to readers, particularly my daughter, and help provide ideas and agency to navigate this amazing and complicated world is meaningful to me, as a mother, who Marched on Washington January 21st.

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